Your Filthy Founders

At Filthy Frequencies, our foundation is built upon the unwavering resilience and shared experiences of our founders—two extraordinary women of color and single mothers. Their journey, rooted in navigating the complexities of motherhood and intimate relationships, unfolded amidst the challenges and triumphs of healing, surviving, and dating in an unhealed world. 

Amid the heartaches and challenges of single motherhood, their laughter-filled conversations were the soil where the seed of our apparel was planted—a provocative fusion of humor and wisdom born from their shared experiences and the challenges they overcame. 

Their journey revealed the immense power of humor and spirituality as catalysts for healing from the wounds triggered by intimate relationships. They discovered that laughter not only served as an antidote to life's trials but also as a guiding light through attachment trauma and personal growth. 

Drawing from their journey, our founders champion the belief that intimate relationships serve as a canvas for deep inner healing and empowerment. They passionately advocate for liberating one's sexual expression from societal constraints and fostering an environment free from shame and full of the empowerment and self-love that allows us all to stand in our most authentic selves. 

Our leadership embodies inclusivity, empathy, and the celebration of diverse backgrounds. With an unwavering commitment, they steer the company toward a space where healthy sexual expression, personal growth, and the transformative power of laughter converge. Their vision extends beyond apparel—it's about creating a community where every individual, irrespective of their journey, finds empowerment, healing, and celebration. 

Join us on this transformative journey, where humor, spirituality, and the liberation of sexual expression combine to create a sanctuary embracing every unique story and identity!